Tool used: CeART (Customer Experience Analysis and Reporting Tool)

What it is

CeART is an analysis and reporting tool, that analyses customer experience journey and recommends focus areas that needs to be aligned to offer WOW and consistent customer experience

What we do

Assess an organization where are they in terms of;

  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Having appropriate ecosystem to support the Customer expectation
  • Listening to their employees, vendors, influencers (brand ambassadors)
  • Addressing customer emotions


Recommend / suggest course corrections to;

  • Action Points to improvised Customer Experience (Dos)
  • Improvement at every touch point
  • Ecosystem & update to Organization structure needed to deliver typical CEM Program
  • Means to improve Emotional & Rational Experience


  • Comprehensive view of:
    o Customer experience being delivered visa-vis their expectations
    o Employee influence in help delivering customer experience
    o Vendors / supplier influence, if any, in help delivering customer experience
  • Helps in baselining: Ccurrent measures and metrics of customer experience being delivered, which lays the platform further improvisation
  • Recommendation of actions: That an organization can take to improve customer experience being delivered in terms of immediate, short term and long terms actions