Tool used: cERECT (Customer Experience Rational & Emotional Connect Techniques)

What it is

cERECT is a formulating, piloting, baselining and deploying technique that lays foundation customer experience journey mapping which creates new experiences for customers and build robust process framework delivery WOW and consistent customer experience

What we do

Build robust process framework which formulates ;

  • Measurement for Service Value, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy
  • Action Points to improvise Customer Experience (Dos)
  • New Touch Points
  • Organization structure needed to deliver typical CEM Program


Process Framework

  • Pilot
  • Baseline
  • Deploy


  • Complete Ownership by staff: As the organization staff is involved in definition of process and process measures for each touch point they will take complete ownership
  • Laying a foundation: With customer perspective at the forefront, in terms of:
    o Establishing Emotional and Rational connect
    o Establishing method to minimize customer effort score at each touch point
    o Aligning the organization eco-system to facilitate better connect
  • Define Initial Measures & Metrics: Define and track measures and metrics at each touch point such as:
    o Customer Satisfaction Index
    o Customer effort score
    o Net promoter score
  • Peace of mind: For senior management
  • Work-life balance: For staff
  • Reduce operating cost: By aligning the process at each touch point to customer needs