Tool used: CeMEnt (Customer Experience Monitoring & Evaluating Tool)

What it is

CeMEnt is a monitoring and evaluating tool that helps an organization in defining, baselining, monitoring and improvising the customer measurement program that help an organization in continually aligning deliverables in-line with customer expectations and beyond

What we do

Manage divergences between brand and customer experience

  • Touch point and other business process performance
  • Divergences and escalations
  • Resolutions and updates to customer measurement program
  • Monitor and correct
  • Manage divergences
  • Measurement
  • Assessment
  • Evaluate
  • Improvise


Customer measurement program being continually aligned to customer expectation resulting in brand advocacy.


  • Moving up the maturity chain: Help Organization to thrive in taking customer experience to higher level of maturity by defining
  • Continually Improvement Program (CIP): For periodic review of measure and metrics that includes:
    o Monitoring
    o Evaluating
    o Improvising and refining
    o Baselining